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Eastenders: Not Quite #AllWhiteTV; Doesn’t Make It Right

by Yacine Assoudani EastEnders: the golden child of our Aunt Beeb that we have come to accept as an institution. As recognisable a facet of British culture as awkward silences on the tube, the… Continue reading

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Let’s play a game of what-ifs #LondonRiots

  by Yacine Assoudani In Part 2, we further examine under-representation in the media of Multicultural London English and how this is only one of many examples of the media poorly reflecting the… Continue reading

Don’t Blame Immigrants for the Failure of Multiculturalism

Multiculturalism has failed, but immigrants are always an easy target. by Yacine Assoudani What conclusion will you come to when somebody makes a critique of the multiculturalism that first/second-generation immigrants and ethnic Anglo-Saxons… Continue reading