Gisele-gisele-bundchen-32437631-1280-800Is the sexuality of black women judged differently from that of white women?

“the image of white women as the standard of beauty and respectability is dominant throughout Brazilian society. Without making reference to the countless studies that analyze the question of race and representation in Brazilian society and media (and there are hundreds of them) one could safely argue that women of a more European phenotype consistently represent the women featured on magazine covers, on television, billboards, etc,. 90-95% of the time..”

“..At the same time, not only are black girls and women consistently made invisible, when they do appear in the media, their image is usually connected the centuries old Brazilian stereotype that connects black women to menial labor and sexuality. ”

sc3a3oluc3adsmaranhc3a3o“It’s difficult to raise this debate without bringing to the fore the interwoven social and racial aspects in theoretical reflective protuberance involving Bonde das Maravilhas. One cannot talk about the sexuality of black women without tending to the subtle details that emanate from the attacks on the group in social networks. Because, saying that doing the quadradinho de oito (little square of eight) brings as a direct consequence a nine-month belly is the extreme of judgement that one can deliberate on black young women who live in the periphery.”

panicats“After all, only poor black woman have casual sex and get pregnant in this country, and on top of this the sacrilege of become a single mother, right? The white middle-class and good families do it too, dammit! Maria Rita (10), the daughter of (late, legendary pop singer) Elis Regina, had casual sex without the least commitment that a white woman from the social level that she represents may “deserve”, and got pregnant twice, let it be said in passing, from different men.”

“White middle-class women have children, “from the first and second relationships.” Black women from the favela have children “with one and with another.” Have you noticed this? If it is to throw Bonde das Maravilhas to the dungeon, we should ensure the same destiny for all the others that preceded them in this provocative and pornographic process.”

Black Women of Brazil

Black Brazil Today

Note from BW of Brazil:OK, so the debate over the Brazilian music style known as “Funk” has raged on for a minute now. As in past posts that have touched on the topic of funk, it is necessary to explain that when used in Brazilian vernacular, funk has nothing to do with the rhythmic, heavy bass, chicken scratch guitar and punctuated horn arrangements of the James Brown, P-Funk or Kool & the Gang variety. No, Brazilian funk started off far more akin to the 80s/90s Bass sound associated with Miami and Florida in general in the US. Fast beats, sexually provocative lyrics and scantily clothed women, you know the deal. *

Now whether you like this type of music or you don’t (I’m personally not a fan) is not the issue here. The issue to be discussed on this post has to do race, sexuality and representation. Getting right…

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