by Rafik Ayaz 

Tis the season to sip your on trend Chestnut Praline Latte Starbucks red cup, and read about how Islam declared war on Christmas…again.

If it all gets too much don’t succumb to your inner Jihadi-Grinch just yet.

Like a Christmas pudding of goodness, Uncle Raf’s compiled a list of Muslim inspired hahstags of 2015.

So gather around Infidels, Mohammedan’s and Godless ones, as this Moderate Muslim begins his journey through 2015.

1) #IStandWithAhmed

Like a time traveller from the 50s given access to social media to air his views, Richard Dawkins has been a car crash on Twitter all year. But special mention must go to his creepy trolling of 14 year old Muslim kid Ahmed who was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school.

2) #CathyNewmanLies

Those stupid 7th century adherents with their CCTV proving you lied. Or as I like to call it, the time you knew you were in trouble, when Louise Mensch and Nick Ferrari had to defend you.

3) #ToddlerTerror

This is not Orwell’s 1984 this is UK 2015, where we give nursery school teachers Prevent training to spot Jihadi tendencies amongst Muslim toddlers.

4) #FoxNewsFacts  #TrumpFacts

Grouped these two together because a Muslim only area in the UK was the lie that refused to die in 2015, even when the likes of Prime Minister David Cameron said it was not a thing.


Three American Muslims were gunned down over an alleged parking dispute. This led to discussions about how Muslims are covered in the Media and how terrorism is a term only applied to perpetrators who are Muslim.

6) #1in5Muslims

When The Sun decided to troll British Muslims with an interpretation of a poll on its front page that even the polling company distanced itself from.

7) #killAllMuslims

My contender for tweet of the year and pretty much summed up my mood when this started trending.


8) #ISISKaraoke

Did a better job of counter radicalisation than a million government backed schemes and had the added bonus of making you laugh.

9) #YouAintNoMuslimBruv

The coolest thing about being a Londoner until David Cameron had to ruin it.

10) #YouAintNoTeacherBruv

Imagine trying to murder yourself to prove Islam and Muslims are inherently violent. That’s a special kind of patriotism.

I’m sure there are many Muslim related Hahstags I have missed. However I’m busy trying to wage a Jihad on fairy lights and asking why Santa didn’t bring me a Caliphate for 2016. So if you think I missed some good ones hit me up in the comments section below.

All that is left for me to say is for those who celebrated, hope you had a good Christmas and even those who hate on those who celebrate. Peace.

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Raf is a vegetarian Muslim who does current affairs with jokes. Follow him on twitter @1Rafz

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