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Media Diversified enters a new era with appointment of new Editor in Chief, Marcus Daniel

Media Diversified, the non-profit media organisation that aims to bring voices of colour to the foreground in media, today announces the appointment of a new editor in chief, Marcus Daniel.

Marcus is a longtime supporter and contributor to Media Diversified. One of his essays was featured in the Diversified Media book “From the Lines of Dissent” and he joined a Media Diversified panel to discuss his work. He has been a contributor and editor for The Queerness, and has also written for SoSoGay and IndyVoices on LGBT issues and the glory of Whitney Houston.

Of Afro-Bajan and English heritage, and a descendant of the Windrush generation, he is passionate about equality and diversity in all areas of life. He hails from the hills of Lancashire, and now lives in Walthamstow, London with his husband of ten years.

Marcus said: “I’m delighted to be joining Media Diversified as Editor In Chief where I will be working with founder Samantha Asumadu and the team to bring new voices and drive the conversation about diversity in media, which Media Diversified has been doing to great effect since 2013. Recently, we were cited by a Times of London columnist in response to one of our articles, and that’s the impact we’re trying to create.

We’ll be looking at new ways to showcase writers and voices of colour, so stay tuned to and @writersofcolour Instagram and Twitter in the coming weeks and months.”

Samantha Asumadu, founder and chairperson of Media Diversified, said: “I am delighted that Marcus Daniel agreed to be Media Diversified’s editor in chief. I have had an eye on him for a few months for a key role in our organisation’s future and have always enjoyed both how he uses his social media presence to highlight important issues such as the Windrush scandal, and how he highlights how racism and LGBTphobia intersect to marginalise LGBT people of colour. I Iook forward to seeing what he does to bring more readers and social media followers through use of video and discussion to Media Diversified. I’d like to thank Henna Butt, Maurice McLeod and Samira Sawlani for their hard work during Media Diversified’s foundation years and wish them great success in their future endeavours”

Follow Media Diversified: @writersofcolour

Follow Marcus Daniel: @marcusjdl

Note for editors:

Media Diversified is dedicated to providing media coverage of socio-political issues faced by people of colour in a global context, and to foregrounding voices and experiences of colour often ignored by the mainstream media. To that end, our all-BAME staff seeks to cultivate talented writers of colour for our platform and to equip them with the skills needed to engage with media outlets as a whole. Our digital multimedia platform publishes articles daily on breaking news, current affairs, politics, society, media, and arts and culture.

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