Media Diversified’s audience of mainly 18-45 year old consumers and creators come to us for fresh perspectives and intelligent critique on politics, culture, fashion, religion, feminism, TV and more. We strive in all things to be thoughtful and thorough. The majority of our traffic is from the UK followed by the U.S, Canada, Netherlands, South Africa, and Australia.

Books, digital gaming, TV shows, film, fashion, popular music and sociopolitically aware conferences are amongst the products and events that engage our audience.

We have an experimental, switched on, multicultural and multiracial audience and a great design to showcase your product or service.

We’ve been linked to by The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Independent, CNN, Daily Beast, and the New Statesman, to name just a few. We’ve also been featured on BBC Radio, Aljazeera English and in Grazia magazine.

We have very competitive rates and a number of options for Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr promotion as well as site ad links, banners, and sponsored posts (such as our BFI Black Star sponsored series). We can combine any or all of the above for specific campaigns. Please contact to learn more and discuss options.

Our Audience

  • Social networking users and content creators active on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Media professionals – journalists, editors, publishers, broadcasters and bloggers
  • Teachers, academics and university students
  • Creators of writing, photography, visual art, and multimedia


Our Reach

  • On average over 100,000 – 110,000 visitors a month
  • Twitter: tweet reach of 10 million+ per month
  • Facebook: post reach of 1.73 million per month




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