Media Diversified has opened up a space where people of colour can express their experiences and perspectives without fear or favour from the Eurocentric media establishment.

A group of African and African Caribbean writers, poets and activists are putting together a new meet-up for people of African descent to discuss, debate and rethink their lived experience as a Black person in London today.

The project is called ALL BLACK EVERYTHING. On Friday 19th June, it will begin a weekly series of articles on MD starting the discussion online in preparation for the live event on Saturday 1st August, 2pm – 6pm at Goldsmiths’ College Students’ Union, in New Cross, South London.

The details for the live event are here:

EventBrite – for tickets for guaranteed entry (they are free)
Facebook – for updates on speakers and format

We are calling for volunteers to help organise this event, coordinate speakers, proofread articles and more.

If you are interested e-mail with the subject ALL BLACK EVERYTHING



The elections are over, the results are in and our collective African humanity isn’t any closer to being recognised or liberated.

In a context where Black youth are facing 50% unemployment, African migrants drowning in the sea, historically Black areas like Hackney, Brixton and Tottenham being gentrified before our eyes, Black struggle is not as prominent as it once was in the 70s, 80s and even 90s. There have been a few positive developments but an internal discussion is needed to regroup our ideas, identities and struggles into something more connected and shared.

  1. Black Intersectional Feminist resistance & struggle
  2. Examining Anti-Blackness and Structural violence
  3. Black versus “African” and White Supremacy
  4. The “migration debate”, decoloniality and the African diaspora
  5. #BlackLivesMatter and Black community organising in Britain



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