Chasing James Baldwin in Switzerland

Matthew Wilson, a Bajan now living In Switzerland retraces some of James Baldwin’s steps 70 years after him. Leukerbad is the place that inspired ‘Stranger in the Village’ and where Baldwin completed ‘Go Tell It on the Mountain’. Also drawing from Teju Cole’s 2014 essay, Black Body: Rereading James Baldwin’s “Stranger in the Village” and… Read More

Ramadan in Yemen

Journalist Abdullah Ali interviews Yemenis on how social initiatives are contributing to the alleviation of the suffering of Yemen during Ramadan Under the weight of the Ramadan night and during the day, Youssef Mahdi, 38, travels with a group of young people between the homes of poor families in the countryside of central Yemen. Their… Read More

Media Diversified is on Strike

Media Diversified’s founder, Samantha Asumadu explains why we believe that in silencing ourselves, we will encourage others to speak up about anti-black and anti-GRT racism and prejudice In his seminal article Melanie Phillips wants to “destroy” the Muslim world Dr. Nafeez Ahmed asked,‘Do people of colour, do Muslims, do migrants, do minorities, do people on… Read More

Black British histories didn’t start in 1948

Anti-Black racism and the hostile environment have a long history. For Tré Ventour Griffiths, the interwar years of 1919-1938 deserve more recognition in how we understand British history. Following heightened discussions about anti-racism in the summer of 2020, I found it challenging that popular media stayed rooted in Windrush as the starting point of anti-Black… Read More

Poetic Resistance to the language of “Civilised” Citizenship

Language has long been used to destroy, control and denigrate the ways of knowing and being of those subject to colonialism and racism. In this piece, poet and activist lisa luxx traces these colonial roots, as well as the inventive linguistic creolisations of imposed languages that poets have used to resist domestication, “to rewild their grammatology” and “To… Read More

What will they do with state power?

Exasperated socialist Simon Vessey explains how the Labour right repeatedly exploit and embolden right wing narratives to achieve their internal party goals Labour are driving out socialists who oppose cuts, social cleansing and apartheid. Democracy is being subverted to protect corrupt council fiefdoms whilst upholding white supremacy at a local and national level. If this… Read More

EXCLUSIVE: The Police, Protests, and Me

Writer, activist and actor Sam Knights gives a first person account of political suppression by the police and the assumption of guilt in the name of “national security” “Revealing the truth is like lighting a match, it can bring light or it can set your world on fire” – Sydney Roger The police called me… Read More

EXCLUSIVE: Criminalising homelessness is a cruel use of the law

In an exclusive for Media Diversified, Samir Jeraj from the Museum of Homelessness reveals for the first time the findings of an FOI request from last year that indicated one in three people sleeping rough in London are being issued with warning notices – a disproportionate number and a misuse of police powers. Last week… Read More

Ten key facts that undermine the Sewell report’s conclusions and highlight why the Government is wrong on race

In part two of a two part series Lee Jasper again joins an overwhelming consensus from our communities and wider society including, academics, politicians, think tanks, professional institutions, priests, and pastors alike in condemning the widely discredited Sewell Report and distils 10 key facts that underline the government’s incompetence Read Part One here The report constitutes… Read More

The Governments response to the roundly discredited Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities Report Chaired by Dr Tony Sewell has finally been published

Feature image provided by author In part one of a two part series Lee Jasper joins an overwhelming consensus from our communities and wider society including, academics, politicians, think tanks, professional institutions, priests, and pastors alike in commending the widely discredited Sewell Report  The Commission report published this time last year reached the controversial conclusion… Read More