mdbushnewWe are really excited to announce that we are joining forces with Bush Theatre for an opportunity aimed at aspiring BAME theatre writers. Our aim is to challenge the traditional predominantly white landscape of British theatre criticism – below is how you can get involved.
We are looking for 10 participants from BAME backgrounds for a two-part workshop in October.
Applicants should be available on the evenings of the 22nd October to watch the play Albion and the 30th October for a 3 hour workshop at Bush Theatre. These sessions will culminate in participants writing reviews that will be published on the new Bush Green website and at Media Diversified.
The workshop requires no prior knowledge of the play’s subject matter and no formal qualifications are necessary.
To apply please send a 500 word piece you have written either critiquing a TV show, book or play to Successful applicants will be informed on Friday 17th October.
The workshop is intended:
– To encourage self-empowerment and confidence in participants when approaching writing about theatre.
– To provide training for individuals from a Black and Minority ethnic background that have not considered theatre critique as a career or lack adequate training to approach theatre from a critical perspective.
– To contribute in a small way to change perceptions of theatre being an exclusive “white only” space and encourage more “colour”


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