The Media Diversified Experts Directory


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The Media Diversified Experts Directory is a valuable resource for media outlets of all sizes.

It is a searchable and managed database of experts and professionals in a variety of fields, all of whom have experience in media settings.

The directory connects broadcast, print and radio producers with commentators who have expertise on a wide range of topics and come from diverse backgrounds.


Why is the directory needed?

The role of the media in shaping our democracy is as important as it has always been. It is therefore important that the media reflects its audience by presenting a diversity of voices.

Yet while black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities in the UK are growing, the media is becoming more homogenised, with fewer and fewer non-white voices being heard.

– According to the latest Creative Skillset 2012 Employment Census, employment in the creative media industries grew by more than 4,000 between 2009 and 2012. However, during this same period the number of BAME people in the industry fell by 2,000.

– In London, where the overall BAME working population is 28.8%, BAME representation in the media industries is 8.9%. This is the highest in the country, and is still less than 9%.

These statistics show that the mainstream media is not reflecting the people it serves. To remain relevant in today’s world of media on demand, the mainstream media will need to reflect the diversity of its audiences.


How do media outlets benefit from diversity of perspectives?

World News Publishing Focus:

“American talkshow host Chris Hayes: ‘Diversity produces people with a specificity in their world view, and it benefits the product.’ It could be an important lesson to take on board for an industry sometimes struggling to remain relevant and in touch with its audiences.”


Tami Hoffman, Sky News, Interviews Editor:

“News channels have become increasingly aware of the importance of hearing from a diverse range of contributors. There have been visible improvements in getting more women onto news programmes, but more work needs to be done to cover other types of diversity. Having a directory of experts is a valuable tool in alerting producers to a wider pool of contributors.”


Get an introduction to the directory here.



Contact Sam at Media Diversified for more information, a rate card and access to this important resource.

Tel: 07854475673

How does it work?

Users can search entries in the directory by either name or category, and filter their search results by location, language and remit.




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