Why saying “haters gonna hate” is just not good enough

Normalising The Marginalised by Shane Thomas  #WhatsWrongWithWhiteFeminism The racism of Margaret Sanger, Susan B. Anthony, & Frances Willard is still a part of the movement. — Mikki Kendall (@Karnythia) December 26, 2013 Remember this Mikki Kendall tweet. We’ll be returning to it in a few minutes. Kylie Jenner is not cultural appropriation’s worst offender. She’s… Read More

Towards a structural view of cultural appropriation

Towards a structural view of cultural appropriation By Adam Elliott-Cooper / @adamec87 I’m the real ambassador! It is evident I was sent by government to take your place, All I do is play the blues and meet the people face to face; I’ll explain and make it plain I represent the human race, And don’t… Read More