Can a woman of colour succeed in the performing arts without getting pigeonholed?

Theatre-maker and writer Naomi Joseph discusses her experiences as an artist in the performing arts – while lack of representation is one issue, challenges about being pigeonholed are another. Main image: A Letitia Wright in The Convert, written by Danai Gurira Much has been said about the representation of people of colour in the arts.… Read More

Review: True Brits, by Vinay Patel

by Sabo Kpade Until a criteria on who is British is agreed upon, the question “who is British?” may never be fully answered. Vinay Patel’s one-man play True Brits, set in the years between the 7/7 bombings and the 2012 Olympics, is the story of Rahul, a young British-Asian played with conviction by David Mumemi. Before… Read More

Photo Gallery: Modelling in Botswana

  One day, about 5 years ago it dawned on me, it was pictures that I loved more than anything else, be it the ones that are drawn by a sunset on a sky or the moving ones on my TV screen or the ones that were taken with a stills camera and printed on… Read More

#EightWomen – Biographies

134 Notable Women of Colour, all successful in their fields, all have made a difference – but who would you vote has changed the U.K? The 2013 #EightWomen were revealed at the Media Diversified launch event in November 2013. See the results here Twitter hashtag: #EightWomen Direct link to poll here    A selection of… Read More

Photo Gallery: Notting Hill Carnival 2013

by David Kwaw Mensah I have gone to the Notting Hill Carnival almost every year since 1997 and taken pictures there every year since 2005. On the first few occasions images were captured using my camera phone but more recently I’ve been using my digital SLR. Every year the carnival changes and the challenges, which… Read More

Photo Gallery: Jazz Artists of Old

What is jazz? “If you have to ask, then you’ll never know.” ~Louis Armstrong Kicha’s images represent vintage snapshots into the lives of African Americans. The good, the bad and the ugly.   Click on the images for photo descriptions Find Kicha on twitter @RollinOnARiver For more vintage photos of African Americans visit KICHA A… Read More