Austerity, Brexit and BME women

Kimberly McIntosh discusses how the discourse around ‘Left Brexit’ or ‘Lexit’ needs to be clearer about what assurances there will be that the poorest in our society will not be made even poorer and how we need a new narrative from our political leaders that leaves dog-whistle rhetoric behind If I say the phrase “left-behind”,… Read More

Is Drill Music Killing Teenagers In London?

The recent moral panic about the deaths of teenagers in London being blamed on Drill music has led to groups being banned from making music, and appearing in a video can lead to a listing in the Metropolitan police’s notorious gangs matrix. Angelo Irving asks where the blame really lies. At the start of the… Read More

General Election: Seven weeks to save Britain

By Maurice Mcleod  So Theresa May has done it. After saying the country needed stability and that she would let Parliament run its course, she’s had her head turned by positive opinion polls and she’s going for a land-grab general election on 8 June. With all theatre she is becoming known for, she announced on the… Read More

Austerity may be officially ‘over’ but its faulty logic lingers on

by Kiri Kankhwende   The Runnymede Trust’s newly-launched project Our Migration Story is a timely reminder that migration has underpinned Britain’s national story for centuries. We need it now more than ever. Unlike America, which has migration at the heart of its national mythology, public awareness of our own is low. There isn’t much consideration… Read More

Closure of Mental Health Services for LGBT+ People Due to Austerity Is Devastating

PACE’s Closure: The Loss of a Lifeline by Anonymous And just like that it was gone. After providing mental health support services to LGBT+ people for more than three decades, the charity PACE closed its doors on 29 January 2016 due to lack of funding. I heard the news a day after I’d sent an… Read More

Solidarity Not Selfishness Should be the Left’s Pitch to Former Tory on Question Time

by Judith Wanga Last Thursday’s Question Time prompted much debate amongst the chattering classes, and not just because the insufferable Rod Liddle was on. Or because of the tête-à-tête between him and Simon Schama, in which the historian following a heated exchange about the refugee crisis told Liddle to “go back to your journalistic hackery… Read More

Privatise the Royal Family

Royal baby, but what happens to plebs like us? by Amna Riaz Concerning the frenzy and ‘excitement’ over the royal baby, many news channels have again taken to depicting a homogeneous celebratory British society. Ah yes how proud are we to partake in the royal celebrations and so proud to be British. Wait, what, why?… Read More