Why Aziz Ansari Has Destroyed My Chances, And Why He Is So So Important

by Arnab Chanda Throughout my life, even though we’ve never met, Aziz Ansari has consistently beaten me to the punch. It’s becoming a theme. A sometimes very annoying theme. Although, for various reasons I’ll discuss below, I do believe he has been the most important Indian comedy actor in the past 10 years. In his… Read More

Race, Casting and Story

by Dan Whisker The comedian Athena Kugblenu recently delivered a comedic routine addressing the implausibility of Idris Elba’s black James Bond (black James Bond is inevitably in the long, slow passport queue at Moscow airport; local law enforcement agencies the world over vigorously object to a heavily armed black man in their jurisdictions). Of course,… Read More

Ocean’s Eleven: The Women Of Colour Cast

by Shane Thomas  CONTENT NOTE: Some of the embedded links are NSFW Rumours abound that Sandra Bullock is set to star in an all-woman remake of Ocean’s 11 (which was itself a remake). By pure coincidence, I recently spent a day at work pondering what an all-black cast of the film would look like[1]. I… Read More