Fake nose, yellow teeth and a hijab: everything you need to dress up like a Muslamic this Halloween

Following Channel 4’s My Week as a Muslim documentary, Sabeena Akhtar asks why we’ll go to such great lengths to avoid hearing from actual Muslim women Read More

Lost in the Shuffle: The BBC’s UK election night was a blow for diversity

The BBC’s UK election night was a blow for diversity by Emmanuel Akinwotu There was an irony in the brilliant BBC coverage of the most dramatic UK election in memory. It focused on a spectacular and momentous change in British politics. But it was mostly covered by white males. In the upheaval of the election… Read More

An Open Letter To Trevor Philips: Why Your Documentary Is Logically and Morally Flawed.

by Ahmed Olayinka Sule When I first heard that you would be presenting a documentary on Channel Four titled, “Things We Can’t Say About Race That Are True”, I was keen to know what you had to say. Even though I was concerned about what was reported in the media about the documentary before it… Read More

The Paradox of Bedlam – Can Entertainment Really Help to Tackle Stigma?

by Huma Munshi Channel 4 launched its documentary series Bedlam recently to share the stories of people who experience significant mental health problems. I watched with interest, as someone who both experiences a number of the issues outlined and who accesses services from the South London and Maudsley. Often our stories are sensationalised with headlines,… Read More

Footballers, rappers and drug dealers – the need for positive role models

by Lee Pinkerton The recent Channel 4 series Top Boy came in for much criticism from some quarters. There are those that argued that this gritty urban drama set in east London which depicted a young Black drug gang was yet another negative depiction of Black males on our TV screens. No wonder, they argued,… Read More