Why we need mirrors in literature

by Radiya Hafiza Calls for diversity in literature have been gaining momentum over the past few years but author Meg Rosoff’s comments on Large Fears, a story about a Black queer boy by Myles E Johnson and Kendrick Daye, show why we still have such a long way to go. Rosoff claims “there are not too… Read More

Does Canada damage black people? | Part 2

“When You’re Strange” by Zetta Elliott  PART II I felt like a stranger in my family—and in my country of origin, Canada—long before my father ever spoke those hurtful words. Orville Douglas is a dark-skinned, gay, Black man and no doubt his experience of discrimination in Toronto is informed by his identity, his personality, and—I suspect—his… Read More

Does Canada damage black people?

by Zetta Elliot “When You’re Strange” Last semester I was displeased but not surprised when a student raised her hand at the end of class and asked how I felt about my hometown’s crack-smoking mayor. Rob Ford is ridiculous enough to be quickly dismissed, but another controversy emerged from Toronto last fall that was deeply… Read More