It’s Grime Wot (nearly) Won It

Maurice Mcleod reacts to the outcome of the 2017 UK general election Read More

Remembering 2016 – a year of political progress and awakening

by Maurice Mcleod  Martin Luther King famously said, “The arc of moral universe is long but it bends towards justice” – meaning eventually the good will win. Last year it often felt like the arc was actually just a loop, a never-ending cycle of hope, disappointment and despair. But although it may seem as if the… Read More

Why the Labour Coup is a grave mistake

by Cameron De Chi  Maybe I’m just a hard-left, champagne-swilling Corbynista but I’d argue blaming Jeremy Corbyn for Brexit makes about as much sense as voting to invade a foreign country based on nothing other than cynical US propaganda; which is an appropriate comparison considering the current revolt appears to be coming from Labour’s Blairite… Read More

Corbyn’s EU vision is worth staying IN for

by Maurice Mcleod  The Battle of Europe feels like it’s been rumbling on since 1975. I certainly remember the Tories tearing themselves apart over Maastricht 24 years ago. Despite all of this posturing and facing-off, the British electorate hasn’t had a say on our membership of the EU since Watergate. The real Battle of Europe… Read More

Jeremy Corbyn: One of Them, or One of Us?

by Shane Thomas Anyone remember, “I agree with Nick”? Come on, it wasn’t that long ago. Have a think… yeah, that’s right, April 2010. This guy. I knew you’d remember. For what ended up as little more than a political intermezzo, Nick Clegg briefly threatened to have a transformative effect on British politics. While that… Read More