Riots Reframed: Voices of Resistance

Fahim Alam is an Oxford law graduate, turned filmmaker. Fahim was falsely arrested and imprisoned, during the 2011 London riots. He decided to tell his story in the self- funded documentary Riots Reframed. Currently working on the DVD release, he took time out of his busy schedule to talk about the film and the challenges… Read More

We Are Not At Zero.

by Jay Bernard As a fan of the gay bash that is BFI Flare, I was struck by this statement: It would be irresponsible of us to leave it up to organisations like the BFI […] to have more representations of positive black queer and non-queer experiences. At best, all they can offer is tokenistic… Read More

The Paradox of Bedlam – Can Entertainment Really Help to Tackle Stigma?

by Huma Munshi Channel 4 launched its documentary series Bedlam recently to share the stories of people who experience significant mental health problems. I watched with interest, as someone who both experiences a number of the issues outlined and who accesses services from the South London and Maudsley. Often our stories are sensationalised with headlines,… Read More

‘Dark Girls’ The @WritersofColour Review

by Taimour Fazlani Dark Girls is a documentary-film that brings to the screen an ensemble of intimate accounts that entice the audience into a poignant experience which studies the indignities faced daily by dark-complexioned African-American women. The documentary, which is the brainchild of Dr. Channsin Berry also includes interviews with objective psychologists, social commentators and… Read More