Are museum diversity schemes letting down some trainees?

Samuel Ali shares the experiences and challenges of working in the heritage sector Read More

Why aren’t politicians talking about racial discrimination in the job market?

by Maya Goodfellow “My whole life is a shambles, everyone’s life is affected.” In an age of insecure work, this isn’t an uncommon statement to hear. Poverty pay, zero hours contracts and workers who feel powerless are easily found in the UK job market. But an often-ignored reality is that Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic… Read More

Dismantling the Meritocracy Myth

by Amit Singh  Last week on my Twitter an interesting debate on the so-called ‘meritocracy’ emerged between Media Diversified (@WritersOfColour) and Milo Yiannopolulos (@Nero). Yiannopolulos, Associate Editor at Breitbart, regarded the Media Diversified Experts Directory as a waste of time, belittling the idea and remarking that we should always focus on ‘merit’: To… Read More