Don’t Believe Brexiters: The Battle to Save the NHS Starts Now

by Kiri Kankhwende  Never Mind George Osborne, Here’s a Deficit That You Can Actually Do Something About Brexit will either usher in an economic apocalypse or a sunlit upland of prosperity and democracy, depending on who you’re listening to. Honest campaigners will admit the truth: Brexit will be uncharted territory and there’s a lot we… Read More

David Cameron cares more about white votes than brown lives

by Maya Goodfellow If there’s one thing David Cameron is more reluctant to do than let refugees into the UK, it’s risk losing votes. This week, he abandoned plans to slam Britain’s door in the face of refugee children — not because he’d realised how callous this would be but most likely “to avoid defeat in… Read More

Boris Johnson wasn’t just attacking Obama’s heritage, he was attacking us all

by Kiri Kankhwende  Before Obama landed last week, Brexiters were beside themselves at the thought that he would weigh in to the referendum debate and tip the scales against them. After all, one of the main planks of the Brexit economic argument is that an independent Britain, free from the shackles of the EU, will… Read More

Corbyn’s EU vision is worth staying IN for

by Maurice Mcleod  The Battle of Europe feels like it’s been rumbling on since 1975. I certainly remember the Tories tearing themselves apart over Maastricht 24 years ago. Despite all of this posturing and facing-off, the British electorate hasn’t had a say on our membership of the EU since Watergate. The real Battle of Europe… Read More

Cameron doesn’t know where his money’s coming from but he’s got his eye on yours

#ResignCameron by Kiri Kankhwende  Check the date; yes, everyone is still talking about the Panama Papers, which continue to cast a long shadow over the political week. On Saturday, thousands of protesters gathered in London to demand that Cameron resign over his (mis)handling of the issue of tax avoidance, while #ResignCameron trended on Twitter. The… Read More

White Men Dancing: the EU Referendum Hokey Cokey

The EU Referendum Hokey Cokey by Kiri Kankhwende One foot in, one foot out – Britain’s hokey cokey with Europe finally came to a head at the weekend with the announcement that the in/out referendum will be held on 23 June. This referendum has profound implications for Europe and Britain, threatening to imperil the unity… Read More

Letting migrants drown in the Mediterranean, is this what the Tories mean by ‘British values’?

by Maya Goodfellow “Britain has lived its long life as an exemplary country, the small island with a massive impact”. Less than twenty-four hours after David Cameron made this empire-esque declaration at the Conservative’s manifesto launch, the latest reality of Britain’s brutal impact on the world appeared in newspapers. 400 migrants were reported to have… Read More