Light skin, the antidote to everything wrong with blackness

Edward Ademolu asks if skin bleaching tablets for foetuses in Ghana are any different from embryonic engineering in the west Read More

Unstitching the Ties that Bind: Ghana Must Go, by Taiye Selasi

by Sabo Kpade Taiye Selasi gets full marks for swimming against the currents of fiction published by African writers, though “writer of African origin” might best describe her. The trace of war found in Ghana Must Go, while being a catalyst for emigration, is reduced to near inconsequence by the varying accomplishments of the family… Read More

When characters of colour become two-dimensional in service of a ‘white saviour’

by  Dena Kirpalani and Kimi Goffe Warehouse of Dreams is a beautiful title – a lyrical analogy for a refugee camp where thousands of lives are stowed whilst conflict rages around them. This refugee camp is the backdrop where the people connected with the running, reporting on and occupying of the camp interact. The theatre… Read More

Africa Fashion Remixed

by Angela Inniss As a fashion enthusiast, not even a long day at work or the rain was going to stop me from attending Europe’s biggest event for African fashion: Africa Fashion Week London! #AFWL. AFWL provides a platform for established, and up and coming African/African inspired designers, models and industry entrepreneurs to showcase their… Read More

My name is Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. Black president or Chief Priest of Shrine.

“It was when I was in a police cell at the C.I.D. (Central Intelligence Division) headquarters in Lagos; the cell I was in named “The Kalakuta Republic” by the prisoners. I found out when I went to East Africa that “Kalakuta” is a Swahili word that means “rascal.” So if rascality is going to get… Read More