Forget Labour’s List – There’s a Tally of Government Incompetence to Keep Track Of

by Kiri Kankhwende    You’ve probably heard all about Labour’s list, leaked to the Times, which ranks party MPs on a spectrum of supportive to hostile. On the face of it, it’s easy to understand why, even when you’ve won a resounding mandate from party members but a group of MPs seem hell-bent on undermining… Read More

France, Terrorism and the Dual Nationality Drama

by Iman Amrani This week the French National Assembly voted to back Hollande’s proposal to strip convicted binational terrorists of their French nationality. The debate has become so divisive that two weeks ago, French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira resigned after publicly disagreeing with the President and it continues to dominate the French headlines as it looks… Read More

How colourism shapes UK anti-immigrant sentiment

by Amit Singh Within most societies there is a clear hierarchy of races, with whiteness being positioned at the top of the pile. The lighter skinned you are perceived to be the more inherent value you are deemed to have in all areas of life within western societies, and in many parts of the world that… Read More

How much are you worth?

by Maya Goodfellow How much do you think you’re worth? It’s a hard question to answer but if you’re a migrant in the UK, originally from a country outside the EU, the government has done it for you. You’re worth nothing, unless you’re earning £35,000 or more. The government’s new immigration policy says it all:… Read More