Donald Trump isn’t threatening the Iran nuclear deal for the reasons he says

Daniel Khalili-Tari argues that if Trump finds Iran noncompliant with its 2015 nuclear agreement in October, the results could be catastrophic for the country and world politics Read More

Hollywood’s Awards Season Fascination with Rape and Sexual Abuse

by Winnie M Li  Content warning: includes references to rape and sexual abuse A few months ago at the Golden Globes, Isabelle Huppert won a Golden Globe for playing a rape survivor, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson won for playing a rapist-murderer. While subsequent awards shows haven’t panned out the same way, both actors continue to be lauded… Read More

Facing Mirrors: The Story of Eddie a Trans Man in Iran

by Huma Munshi Facing Mirrors (2011) is a Farsi film which tells the story of young trans man, Eddie, as he struggles to escape a family who are forcing him into marriage so that they may maintain their family ‘honour’. One of the most poignant films that I’ve seen on honour-based oppression, Facing Mirrors  juxtaposes… Read More

Terror and I

by Roya Arab The first time I encountered terrorism was when I was very young. Holed up in our hotel in the 1970s, the Intercontinental by Hyde Park roundabout, we stared out of our suite onto the emptied wide street as a search was undertaken for the bomb. This was an IRA tactic; they would… Read More