Perhaps we really should go back to Africa

by Felipe Araujo  In Solange’s album A Seat at the Table, there is a song called “Where Do We Go”. Released in 2016, it is a poignant compilation of personal confessions and meditations on growing up black in America. “Where Do We Go”, sung in a whisper, talks about a home she no longer recognises… Read More

The Taming of the Shrewd

…or the incessant need for *PWIs to make black icons “safer”   by Joseph Guthrie Throughout my lifetime, there are three things that have continued to remain a permanent mainstay in society: Politicians are the masters of manipulation. It’s always darkest before dawn. When an iconic black activist dies, mainstream media rush in to distort said… Read More

Translating Malcolm X into Irish

by Sukant Chandan Sukant Chandan is a co-ordinator of the Malcolm X Movement, which is currently organising Malcolm X Film Festivals in seven cities across Britain and Ireland. These festivals bring together revolutionary thinkers and fighters from across the globe to discuss the legacy and relevance of Malcolm’s thought and practice to the fight against… Read More

Introducing The Malcolm X Movement

Building towards a new wave of Global South decolonial anti-imperialist Resistance in Britain by Sukant Chandan Malcolm X is esteemed as a towering figure in the history of Resistance against the ‘Western’ capitalist-colonial order for, in the main, two reasons: he and those he worked with took inspiration, leadership and positive examples from actually existing global ‘Third… Read More

In The Words of Malcolm X

by Iman Amrani The Autobiography of Malcolm X is one of those books that leaves a lasting imprint on the reader. The circumstances around its publication, the journey of the book itself, is fascinating, and makes Alex Haley’s foreword the most interesting introduction to a book that I have ever read. The fact that Haley… Read More