Resurrecting Palestine’s struggle for liberation

by Tamara Tamimi  A few years ago, in 2010, I travelled from Palestine to Lebanon for a youth conference about the participation of Arab youth in the political, economic, social, and cultural realms of their respective countries. During this 3-day conference, I met Jihad, a young participant working with the Arab NGO Network for Development, the… Read More

“Where are the Arab Intellectuals?” and other obsessions that won’t die

by Elizabeth Suzanne Kassab Five years into the uprisings that swept the Middle East and North Africa in 2011, protests continue to mark the region’s political climate. While its pioneers Tunisia and Egypt are in some sort of post-revolutionary stage, the capitals of Iraq and Lebanon are being shaken by the tireless work of activists… Read More

ISIS’ absurd fanaticism, and one way of coping with it

by Hassan Abdulrazzak  I have developed this new hobby. Every time sectarian violence breaks out in my home country, Iraq, or when the militant group The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) commits yet another catastrophic crime in the Middle East, I google the phrase “Arab Atheists”. I do this because I hope to find commentaries,… Read More

Class War in Lebanon?

by Nasser Elamine   What happened in Lebanon on August 22, 2015, at the You Stink Anti-Government protests was a radical restructuring of the political landscape and, with it, the revival of Lebanese politics as class struggle. Following a garbage crisis which swept the country, poor and commercial areas alike, protesters staged demonstrations in major… Read More

Israel’s ID card system is crushing Palestinian identity in Palestine and abroad

by Alia Al Ghussain  The past five weeks have seen repeated clashes break out in East Jerusalem. Israel’s ongoing oppression of Palestinians means clashes with Israeli police forces are nothing new in occupied Palestine. This time, Palestinians are out to protest Israel’s recently imposed limitations on access to Al Aqsa Mosque, the mosque in the Old City… Read More

Reflections on a Culture in Crisis

Reflections on the Culture in Crisis Conference, April 2015 by Roya Arab We entered through a majestic arched carved stone entrance. My eye was caught by a plaque -akin to those found in early Near Eastern cities in clay, gold, silver and stone marking ancient monarchs – informing us that ‘Queen Victoria Empress of India’… Read More

Transnational Migration and Asylum Seekers

Sara Salem is a PhD researcher at the Institute of Social Studies in the Netherlands. Her work focuses on historical and institutional perspectives on political economy, and centers specifically on the recent wave of uprisings across the Middle East and North Africa. Sara Salem@saramsalem In all coverage of the migrants who drowned off coast of… Read More