Brexit Britain: how did we get here? Ask the toxic blonde, the Dickensian nightmare, or the would-be fascist

by Raf  Bloody proud of you UK. Especially now that Vote Leave has raptured away all the foreigners, the pound is officially worth less than a signed Rolf Harris painting; and it’s cheaper to drive your car to France than to have it cleaned. Best of all, the 1980s-style in-your-face racism encountered after the referendum… Read More

How Britain buried the brutality of its colonial past

by Maya Goodfellow A statue of Sir Charles Napier stands in Trafalgar Square. Napier looks out over one of London’s most famous tourist sites and is, quite benignly, described as a ‘General’. He was more than that. This man, commemorated in statue-form, was responsible for conquering Sindh in 1843, a province in what was then… Read More

The (white) British History Project

by Amit Singh Education reform has been high on the agenda since the Conservative led coalition came to power in 2010. Polls conducted in April 2014 demonstrate how divisive proposed reform has been, and how there has been huge opposition to Michael Gove’s plans. The changes have seen a clear government agenda which steers the… Read More