The migrant led strikes of the past can inform our present and future

Xenophobic racism, legitimised by the political classes, obscures points of solidarity between working class Britons and migrants by Maya Goodfellow  “A person like me, I am never scared of anybody”, Jayaben Desai told her manager before leading a mass walk-out of the Grunwick film processing plant in north-west London in the summer of 1976. Through sheer… Read More

Hidden, blurred and visible: migrant women fabricating a home in new spaces

by Dr Anna Sulan Masing If I scream in an empty room, will you hear me? She asked Because sometimes this feels like an empty room She said When you rush past me, in your busy moments, With colours I don’t recognise, Sounds that don’t feel familiar, And smells that itch my skin, My toes… Read More