Sarah Reed’s death is a call to end our complacency

by Siana Bangura   I am tired of feeling numb, tired of mourning, tired of bearing witness to a war declared on black bodies. Here I am yet again writing about the death of a Black British victim of police brutality. Last May I wrote about the story of Sheku Bayoh.  Since his death, the… Read More

All Black Lives Matter: seeking justice for Sheku Bayoh

by Siana Bangura Have you heard of Sheku Bayoh? Sheku Ahmed Tejan Bayoh, a Sierra Leonean man who worked for British Gas and had two young children, died on 3rd May 2015, after being arrested by police in Kirkcaldy, Fife. He had been detained, handcuffed, pepper-sprayed, and put in leg restraints following an alleged altercation… Read More

No More Excuses: Why “Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist” Isn’t Enough

by Maya Goodfellow “I’m not racist, but…” Most people of colour have heard this tired-out phrase before. It’s usually followed by words that are meant to comfort but actually reinforce the racism lacing the sentence preceding it. It seems that now, for the more enlightened people wanting to condemn but in the same breath excuse… Read More