The death of Nuno Cardoso in police custody proves “respectability” won’t keep Black people safe | THE TWERKING GIRL

The tragic death of Nuno Cardoso in police custody in Oxford once again raises questions as to whose lives matter, even when victims meet society’s standards as to who is deemed “respectable”, writes Ava Vidal When I agreed to write about Nuno Cardoso I wasn’t prepared for how hard it was going to be. This… Read More

When calling the police is weaponised against Black people

Calling the police often has very different connotations for Black Americans than it does for their white counterparts: fear of death. However, as LeRon L. Barton writes, it’s control, not fear that drives that call to 911 to people who are simply “Living While Black” It’s happened yet again. When I read the story of… Read More

Is Drill Music Killing Teenagers In London?

The recent moral panic about the deaths of teenagers in London being blamed on Drill music has led to groups being banned from making music, and appearing in a video can lead to a listing in the Metropolitan police’s notorious gangs matrix. Angelo Irving asks where the blame really lies. At the start of the… Read More