The Taming of the Shrewd

…or the incessant need for *PWIs to make black icons “safer”   by Joseph Guthrie Throughout my lifetime, there are three things that have continued to remain a permanent mainstay in society: Politicians are the masters of manipulation. It’s always darkest before dawn. When an iconic black activist dies, mainstream media rush in to distort said… Read More

The Holy Riverman

by Rajeev Balasubramanyam  An insecure, bullied child in darkest, whitest Lancashire, I wanted two things: to fit in, and to be weird. Fitting in was never a realistic proposition. I was the only non-white kid for miles around; far shorter than everyone else, barely knew the rules of football (I loved cricket), left-handed, South Indian (a… Read More

Prince: Black Music’s Liberated Son

by Shane Thomas  The first thing that struck me about Prince was his voice. Not his singing voice – as marvellous as that was – but his speaking voice. It’s measured. It’s calm. Mellow without ever being monotone. You know who it reminds me of? Toni Morrison. It’s the vocal signature of someone who is totally… Read More