Patriarchy and The Idealisation Of Motherhood

Jendella Benson challenges the idealisation of motherhood Read More

Feminist love will save men too

by Jendella Benson  “I hate how women think that they are doing me a favour by having sex with me,” he began. “What about me? My intimacy is just as valuable!” Aside from the bitter edge in his tone, I understood what he meant. I wanted to laugh and tell him that this was one… Read More

Love Across Border Control

by Dr. Reenee Singh ‘International Wife Finders’, ‘Living with a Foreign Husband Whom You Met Online’, ‘International Cupid’. There is a growing commercialization of international love these days and one that seems to pivot on crude stereotypes about the hyper-gendered qualities of ‘foreign’ partners. Away from this faux glitzy sector of cross-national eros is a… Read More