3D Racism – Denial, Disclaimers and Doubt

by Yasmin Gunaratnam and Karim Murji “I’m not a racist, I have good friends that are black and anyone that knows me knows I’m not like that.” Councillor Jeffrey Tucker ‘One of the crucial properties of contemporary racism is its denial, typically illustrated in such well-known disclaimers as ‘I have nothing against blacks, but . .… Read More

Football vs. Responsibility

by Shane Thomas Roy Hodgson, the England manager. A racist? Personally I don’t think he is. What struck me isn’t the debate over Hodgson’s character, the vagaries of language, or the ever-present and; wearying proclamation of “political correctness gone mad!“ Rather, it was the general consensus that made Hodgson the ‘victim’ in this story. And… Read More