GLITCH: the film festival seizing space for queer people of colour

by Rosie Lewis From homophobic and state violence, to the relentless attacks of white supremacy, capitalism and patriarchy and questions of how these threats can be resolved; GLITCH is a film festival that addresses some of the most pressing issues in society. Returning to Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) this year, it promises to showcase an… Read More

Time to stand together and face down those who would divide us

by Maurice Mcleod  Britain, we are constantly told, prides itself on its tolerance and fair mindedness. In the immediate aftermath of the vote to leave the European Union, that pride has been shaken to the core and tolerance seems in short supply. The racists and xenophobes we always knew were there have felt buoyed and… Read More

Lessons from Scotland: Offer People a Vision

Interview with Sofi Taylor by Kiri Kankhwende “Whether we agreed with the SNP or not, what they gave us was something beyond five years, they gave us a vision that Scotland could be like Sweden: good education, healthcare, socialist policies.” Depending on which poll you prefer, and every poll had a different result, the Scottish… Read More