Our challenge to mainstream writers: Talking over minorities isn’t a ‘crisis of free speech’

Raf welcomes back our awards for racist and bigoted journalism, use #TheTrashies to nominate before 29th October 2018 Read More

Voting for The Trashies 2016 is live!

This year’s nominees for The Trashies left us spoilt for choice. Narrowing down the nomination pool to a manageable worst of the worst was very difficult. (For the many people who nominated Richard Littlejohn’s body of work, don’t worry – his lifetime achievement award will come soon.) We also have a new addition to #TheTrashies this… Read More

#TheTrashies: Decolonising the White Gaze

by Claire L. Heuchan   It’s that time of year again: #TheTrashies are back and better than ever – or worse, depending on your perspective. In the last twelve months, the mainstream media have produced a relentless cycle of Islamaphobia, racist rhetoric, Othering, colourism, and xenophobia. Some articles have been carefully composed to dehumanise people of… Read More