Turn Up and Turn Out: why you should vote in the General Election

Registration to vote in the General Election on 8th June will close on May 22nd, you can register at gov.uk/register-to-vote. It’s quick and easy, and at the moment it’s one of the most radical things you can do Elections are supposed to be the apex of democratic process – so why do they feel like… Read More

Robbing disabled Peter to pay privileged Paul

by Maurice Mcleod Gorgeous Gideon has just delivered his 8th budget. Normally, at this stage of our five-year-long ‘democratic’ cycle, chancellors feel at ease to hand out some pain knowing they have four years for the myopic electorate to forget. This time though, Osborne knew he had to curry a little favour with the referendum… Read More

Solidarity Not Selfishness Should be the Left’s Pitch to Former Tory on Question Time

by Judith Wanga Last Thursday’s Question Time prompted much debate amongst the chattering classes, and not just because the insufferable Rod Liddle was on. Or because of the tête-à-tête between him and Simon Schama, in which the historian following a heated exchange about the refugee crisis told Liddle to “go back to your journalistic hackery… Read More

Is David Cameron Right? Or Has The British Middle Class Lost Its Mind?

by Ahmed Olayinka Sule On 17 May 2004, American comedian Bill Cosby delivered his famous “Pound Cake Speech” in which he castigated the “lower economic people” of the black race for their criminal behaviour, their clothes, their names, their poor parenting skills and their tattoos. Each acerbic attack by Cosby on poor African Americans was… Read More

It’s Time To Talk About ‘British Values’

by Neda Tehrani Following their election victory, last week, newly appointed cabinet ministers were pressing policies, and future plans. Ultimately, the all-permeating sentiment in Conservative rhetoric, was the notion that British citizens have a duty to uphold British values. With the repetition of this phrase by Cameron and his team, comes the question of which… Read More

Why aren’t politicians talking about racial discrimination in the job market?

by Maya Goodfellow   “My whole life is a shambles, everyone’s life is affected.” In an age of insecure work, this isn’t an uncommon statement to hear. Poverty pay, zero hours contracts and workers who feel powerless are easily found in the UK job market. But an often-ignored reality is that Black, Asian and Minority… Read More

Small Politics

by Kiri Kankhwende Most political commentators agree that the UK is on the verge of one of the most unpredictable elections in recent years. We’re told that it’s no longer “business as usual”, that no party is likely to win a majority this time around and possibly for the next few General Elections to come.… Read More