Islamophobia Is Having A Moment. But I Have Questions…

Our mysterious satirist Raf turns his lens on the Labour party’s and Sir Keir Starmer’s sudden affection for Conservative MP Nusrat Ghani   When Zora Neale Houston coined the term “All my skinfolk ain’t kinfolk” she was definitely onto something. Especially if said non-kinfolk-skinfolk have built a career being the dependable Muslim. The one you… Read More

The Poll Dance of #WhatBritishMuslimsReallyThink

by Raf  Muslims are isolating themselves in ‘Muslim Ghettos’ the way David Cameron’s Dad isolates his family’s wealth in a secretive tax haven. They are rabidly homophobic, Facebook friends with ISIS, and generally want to impose a tax on non-Muslims entering their Halal curry houses in Old Blighty. Who has concluded this? Trevor Phillips –… Read More

An Open Letter To Trevor Philips: Why Your Documentary Is Logically and Morally Flawed.

by Ahmed Olayinka Sule When I first heard that you would be presenting a documentary on Channel Four titled, “Things We Can’t Say About Race That Are True”, I was keen to know what you had to say. Even though I was concerned about what was reported in the media about the documentary before it… Read More