The Life of a Muslim Actor: Suicide Vests and Jihadi Brides

Raf interviews Muslim actors for their top tips on how to nab a terrorist or Jihadi bride role Read More


Hollywood’s Awards Season Fascination with Rape and Sexual Abuse

by Winnie M Li  Content warning: includes references to rape and sexual abuse A few months ago at the Golden Globes, Isabelle Huppert won a Golden Globe for playing a rape survivor, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson won for playing a rapist-murderer. While subsequent awards shows haven’t panned out the same way, both actors continue to be lauded… Read More

Basking in the Black Star rays

by Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff The BFI’s Black Star Season has been very overwhelming. As someone not used to seeing so many people whom I resemble on screen, it’s been emotional having my experience (and my physicalities) reflected in such glory. In the past month or so I have been able to discover so many beautiful actors,… Read More

The future of on-screen diversity – black-led projects can show the way

By Anthony Comber-Badu  ‘How many black faces do you see on the BBC?’ was my parents’ first question when I told them I had decided to pursue a career in broadcasting. Diversity in media and broadcasting, and particularly the issue of opportunity for people of colour, has been a recurring issue for decades. Tonight’s Oscar… Read More

‘Otherness’ in Friends, or Why Ross’ Girlfriends Had To Be Ethnic, Different or Weird

Comedy Central is bringing the ‘Friends’ experience to London. From Wednesday to Sunday anyone who can pick up a ticket (from a tout, as it’s now sold out) will be able to get a coffee in a  ‘Central Perk-inspired café’ or have a look through Monica’s drawers in a replica of her apartment. In honour of… Read More

“Nope, You Really Can’t Say That”: My Love/Hate Relationship with The Mindy Project

by Nashwa Khan Living in what can sometimes feel like a South Asian feminist echo chamber, we become accustomed to never questioning those we idolize. As a result, years have gone by without Mindy Kaling’s body of work being critically examined within our community. Many black women have made observations of Kaling’s anti-blackness on social… Read More

Let’s Talk Diversity in Sports Journalism…

…There is none by Amit Singh The statistics on BAME participation in the media industry are shocking. As Lenny Henry commented, the situation has ‘deteriorated badly’  with the number of BAME people working within the UK television industry falling by 30.9% between 2006 and 2012. . Some news outlets such as Channel 4 are trying… Read More