Amidst Russian-Ukraine War, Nigerians try to breathe

Photograph: Robert Ghement/EPA Investigations have shown that even with sourced means to get to a point of refuge, racist behaviours at the Poland/Ukraine border are thwarting Nigerians from escaping Putin’s bombs. Even in war, racism still prevails.  Chidinma Iwu interviews three Nigerian students on their ordeals in Ukraine and how they’ve been finding strength. and… Read More

The War in Ukraine and the Ugly Face of Racism

Header image: AJPlus What Ukrainian Racism is saying about Western Democracy By Dr Ornette D Clennon Lots of people will be thinking, “do you have to bring race into this, at this time of ALL times?” My response to them is, “I wish that I didn’t have to”. Why? Because at a time when a… Read More

Ukraine: The Information War

Samantha Asumadu interviews author and broadcaster Matt Potter

This has been an information war

  1. You’ve shown an intense interest in Ukraine over the past few days as have many other, reporters, correspondents, communications, politicians an hackers. What is your new book about and what has it got to do with a Ukraine or Russia?
  2. Which last conflict did you watch closely – how did it roll out compared to this one? Did you watch ARAB SPRING?
  3. Communicating on platforms, porn, social media (In 2010 it was Facebook) has the world moved on from Facebook since the January 6th protesters were arrested?

    4 What would be your advice to Yemen, Afghanistan, Nigerian and Armenian grassroots activists be?

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© IWM/Getty Ahmed Sule on the double think and contradictions of war rhetoric | 24 February 2022 02 April 1982 PM addresses the nation on the situation in Ukraine the Falklands. Shortly after 4 o’clock this morning, I spoke to President Zelenskyy Ajibade Cole of Ukraine the Falklands to offer the continued support of the… Read More