True Victims of Domestic Abuse Don’t Have Teeth

by Jacinta Nandi True victims of domestic abuse don’t have teeth like her, did you see her teeth shitty evil teeth narc teeth bitch teeth True victims of domestic abuse don’t have eyes like her, did you see her eyes sharp eyes evil eyes cold eyes witch eyes True victims of domestic violence don’t have… Read More

How technology abuse enables gendered violence and femicide

Technology is often seen as part of the solution to gendered violence – but as Beauty Dhlamini explains, it also presents a new set of challenges and chilling effects Content note: This article contains descriptions of methods of committing violence against women Throughout my lifetime the news has been dominated by narratives of people, especially women… Read More

Shamima Begum: What does the perfect victim look like?

Following a Times article that describes Shamima Begum as “bloodthirsty and fanatical”  sexual violence trainer and campaigner Sara Amanda asks why is grooming and vulnerability not part of the discussion? Having worked in the area of domestic and sexual violence for nearly 20 years, I doubt strongly that Shamima Begum was groomed for war, it… Read More

Police impotence continues to fail women and girls at risk of male violence

By Huma Munshi As I read the findings of the IPCC last week on the police failings surrounding the killing of Becky McPhee, I was reminded of how the police had similarly failed me when I had sought their protection after I had fled a situation of domestic violence. This case also illustrates the painful… Read More

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, forgiveness and survival

by Huma Munshi Archbishop Desmond Tutu wrote a stirring piece on the power of forgiveness this weekend. In the article he writes of the guilt he carried as a child witnessing the violence perpetrated by his father against his mother, which he was powerless to stop. He realises now that this guilt is unfounded and has been able… Read More

“I don’t want a label, I am not ashamed. I was attacked.”

by Amna Iqbal The difference between noise and sound; the former numbs your senses and the latter makes you listen. ‘Rape’ – The word is noise. Cloaked in the din of a media screaming match, the word has been stripped off the anguish, the trauma, the physical and mental scars that it engenders. And here lies… Read More