The Sadie Collective: Creating a seat at the table for Black women in economics

The economics field has major issue with the representation of women of colour and Black women in particular. George-Ann Ryan reports on the issue and the work of the Sadie Collective and how it takes critical thinking to change the status quo It has been a long time coming, but the economics field is finally… Read More

South Asian women in Britain: Finding a voice, 40 years on

“If we remember our rich collective past, we will find ourselves stronger in the battles ahead” Gouri Sharma talks with journalist and activist Amrit Wilson, forty years after her influential feminist book Finding a Voice: Asian Women in Britain. Featured photo: Amrit Wilson speaking on behalf of Awaz at International Campaign for Abortion Rights rally, Trafalgar Square,… Read More

Women of Colour: Their Courage. Our Cowardice

by Shane Thomas We’re going to start with a football analogy (don’t worry, we won’t be here for long). Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson – two of the game’s most venerable managers – have long thought that bravery is not revealed in players who throw themselves into hard tackles, but in the creative player… Read More

‘Otherness’ in Friends, or Why Ross’ Girlfriends Had To Be Ethnic, Different or Weird

Comedy Central is bringing the ‘Friends’ experience to London. From Wednesday to Sunday anyone who can pick up a ticket (from a tout, as it’s now sold out) will be able to get a coffee in a  ‘Central Perk-inspired café’ or have a look through Monica’s drawers in a replica of her apartment. In honour of… Read More

“but everybody on TV is white and all the nice people are blonde.”

by Hana Riaz Earlier this summer, my beautiful then five-year-old Nepali nieces sat with me in our garden enjoying the warm and easy sun. What started as a conversation about what happens to melanin when it finds home in all that glorious vitamin d, looking at our skin browner than it’s winter shade, turned into… Read More