We need an inquiry into the Conservative Party’s racism

by Raf  The Conservative Party is riddled with racism in the same way coffee shops in Hoxton are swarming with hipsters trying to come up with an ironic name for their start-ups. There is, in my opinion, a racist streak the size of Boris Johnson’s backside running through the party. What it needs is an… Read More

Sadiq Khan may not represent a win for all Muslims, nor should he

by Chimene Suleyman There has never been a London mayor or politician whose religious beliefs have been at the forefront of our admiration for them, whether Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem or Independent. It shouldn’t matter much whether Boris showed up at his local Sunday church services or spent quiet Tuesday evenings revelling in agnosticism. Those who… Read More

TTIP springs a leak and heads for the rocks

by Maurice Mcleod  The snappily-named Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) has been in the offing for three years but despite there being a wealth of information about the deal, most people have little idea what it is or what it could mean for them personally. Its deliberately dull name and the even duller way it… Read More

Zac Goldsmith embraces racial stereotypes and colonial tactics in a bid for the minority vote

by Danika Parikh  By now you’ve probably seen Zac Goldsmith’s election material aimed specifically at various South Asian communities in London. The fliers, delivered last week to people’s homes and aimed at British Indians, Tamils, and Sikhs list Goldsmith’s support for controversial Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with his “record of engagement with the… Read More