Silence isn’t good enough, we need better sex education

Ruvimbo Maria Kuuzabuwe discusses the need for better sex education at home and at school Read More

Pushed to their limits, Zimbabweans fight back

by Mako Muzenda ‘Zimbabwe’ is derived from ‘dzimba dzemabwe’, a Shona phrase which loosely translates to ‘large house of stone’. It’s tied to the ruins at Great Zimbabwe, that once powerful kingdom that forms the cornerstone of national pride and identity. It’s no surprise that when Independence rang in on 18 April 1980, that the… Read More

When it comes to UK foreign policy, is it devil in a blue tie, devil in a red tie?

by Robert Kazandjian On the 7th of May, British citizens go to the polls. The mainstream media is currently sweltering, overcome by election fever. We are bombarded by the false promises of white, privately educated men. Domestically, change in governance may signal a tiptoe left towards the centre ground or perhaps drag us ever further… Read More

Crude, Capital and China #Africom

by Garakai Chengu All considerations about whether or not to release the dogs of war begin and end with the spoils. Uganda sits atop the geo-strategically important intersection of seven oil rich African nations which Senior US Dept of Energy Analyst Sally Kornfeld has called “the future Gulf” ”I am amazed by what I have… Read More