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Media Diversified

Media Diversified is a non-profit organisation. Our aim is to help writers and journalists of colour be published in national newspapers and magazines and get their voices heard in the broadcast media. We do this by giving them advice, contacts and promoting their work online. As well as providing a resource for the media, Media Diversified serves as a much needed life-line and vibrant forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences. It’s a mothership of affirmation and nurturing for writers, building resilience for the future and supporting people to take risks in tackling controversial topics and subjects that others aren’t. By including a great diversity of writers, Media Diversified applies the brakes to banal racism and crude stereotyping in the mainstream media. It also articulates how racism works in so many areas of life be it from colourism to the fashion industry. The worst of this can be seen in the moral panics but more positively/subversively what if having more writers of colour in the media undermines racism? Which affects us all.

This Week in Islamophobia

Weekly column by Yasin Bangee Those of you that have the pleasure of following me on twitter will have noticed how my rage levels have kicked up a notch since I started writing about Islamophobia, racism and the British media. As part of my week at work I was *asked* […]

Media Racism #AllWhiteFrontPages

The New Statesman’s Exclusive report: Are the media racist? To coincide with a special report on race in the British media the New Statesman magazine compiled (sadly, not so) shocking statistics which showed ethnic minorities are still largely absent from opinion pages, senior executive roles and staff jobs in the […]