In 2022 Why Do We Still Show Such Loyalty To Royalty?

Excerpt from Shane Thomas’ 2015 article Why Do We Show Such Loyalty To Royalty? When I was about 13, the Caribbean steel band I played in had a gig which included a brief appearance by Prince Charles. I recall our manager being adamant that we had to be on our best behaviour. This wasn’t new –… Read More

“Some People Are Gaysian – Get Over It!”

Article first published in February 2015 by Khakan Qureishi Last year, I participated in a project whose aim was to explore the issues surrounding people who identify as LGBT amongst South Asian communities in the UK. The interviewer asked the following three questions: 1) Why are LGBT South Asians still “hidden”? 2) Why aren’t there… Read More

Bad enough MPs are gaslighting us about food poverty, will the trolls please just stop?

In October 2020 former barrister and legal skills lecturer Snigdha Nag wrote a viral twitter thread imploring the internet to “stop quoting pasta prices”. In 2022 as we are submerged in a ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ and food poverty is a reality for millions the government’s response is to gaslight us. Now Snigdha wants to… Read More

True Victims of Domestic Abuse Don’t Have Teeth

by Jacinta Nandi True victims of domestic abuse don’t have teeth like her, did you see her teeth shitty evil teeth narc teeth bitch teeth True victims of domestic abuse don’t have eyes like her, did you see her eyes sharp eyes evil eyes cold eyes witch eyes True victims of domestic violence don’t have… Read More

The Student to Activist Pipeline and Its Flaws

Trauma-informed yoga guide, Taimour Ahmed stresses the importance of retaining our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing as activists, proposing that we need as many healers as we do fighters and people can be both 2022 marks a decade since I became politicised. It’s been a transformative ten years, and I’m now thirty-two. In those ten… Read More

Labour’s local election lies and the sham of democracy

Exasperated socialist Simon Vessey has had enough of Labour’s local election campaign lies and the resulting sham of democracy where entire communities of working class and marginalised people have no chance at true representation via the major parties The truth about Barnet In early April, Labour launched their local election campaign in Barnet at an… Read More

The Tories’ Economic Model Kills the Most Vulnerable

Samantha Asumadu taking cue from an investigation by Tortoise Media urges us on International Workers Memorial Day to remember those who died because of the economic model that brutally oppresses the working class Today is International Workers Memorial Day. Never heard of it? There’s a reason for that. The workers we need to commemorate, who… Read More

Bend It Like Beckham, Blair and Trade Unionism

Assessing Bend It Like Beckham in the social and political context of Blairism, Sacha Ismail considers the Gate Gourmet industrial dispute at Heathrow and union bureaucracies’ longstanding failure to fight for workers, particularly black, brown and migrant workers I must have watched Bend It Like Beckham a dozen times – most recently on the twentieth… Read More