Media Diversified is a non profit working to enrich, engage and improve the UK’s media landscape. The organisation was founded in 2013 with a mission to challenge the homogeneity of voices in UK news media, through addressing the under-representation of marginalised communities.

We carry out our mission in three ways.

An online magazine by and from diaspora

Our progressive digital platform features comment and opinion on subjects ranging from politics, society, culture and lifestyle, with a dedicated academic space providing insight from the humanities and social sciences on today’s issues.

MD Online showcases the rich diversity of journalistic and creative talent within marginalised communities and acts as a supportive space for individuals to grow and develop, whilst driving forward conversations with our engaged audience.

You can contribute to our independent platform by subscribing here.


To support and drive wider progress towards representation and inclusivity in the media and creative industries, email us for more info about what we can do and find out more about our services here. In the past we have worked with the British Film Institute (BFI), Lebara, Open Democracy, BBC Radio 4, The Victoria Derbyshire Show (BBC), Channel Four News, Newsnight (BBC) and many more.

Publications, campaigns and event

Since we started we’ve published two books, Complicit No More and From the Lines of Dissent, created an awards ceremony for poor-quality journalism, The Trashies, launched the Bare Lit Festival of writing, and the Jhalak Prize book award.

We a part of the coalition that has started Banned Books Week in the UK. We are members of the UK Independent Media Association.