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Media Diversified is a young and growing non-profit organisation which seeks to cultivate and promote skilled writers of colour by providing advice and contacts and by promoting content online through its own platform. Live since July 2013, the initiative is already diversifying the UK’s media landscape, providing important, challenging and original content which contributes to ongoing global discussions on issues of social justice, equality, gender, politics, economics and pop culture. In March 2015 Media Diversified launched its Experts Directory, a searchable resource for media organisations of all sizes. In February 2016 Media Diversified launched the inaugural Bare Lit Festival – a literature festival giving writers of colour the platform and visibility they deserve.

Contact us at info@mediadiversified.org.

“We don’t need any more writers as solitary heroes. We need a heroic writer’s movement: assertive, militant, pugnacious.”  ~Toni Morrison

In the Media


It’s time to boost ethnic minority representation in the media
The #AllWhiteFrontPages campaign highlights the need for more journalists of colour to properly reflect British society (Guardian)

Why are black female victims seemingly invisible?
The representation of black women victims needs to be drastically improved to prevent dehumanisation (Telegraph)

In Jeremy Clarkson, BBC bosses have created a monster. Now it’s their job to slay him
For too long the Top Gear star has been able to get away with saying and doing whatever he wants. His fan club only wish they could do the same (Telegraph)

After the Bechdel Test, I propose the Shukla Test for race in film (New Statesman)

How should we prepare our children for racism? (The Independent)

Oprah Winfrey’s only misdemeanour was to travel and be black
I can sympathise with the TV star who was refused service in a Swiss store, but for a black person going on holiday this is all too familiar (Guardian)

Miley Cyrus’s twerking? It just isn’t working  (Guardian)

Eastenders doesn’t depict the reality of multi-cultural London – where did it go wrong? (New Statesman)

Immigration is a Messy, Human Story
As a migrant myself I understand the need for controls, but immigration spot checks equate being British with being white. (Guardian)

“Yellowface” is funny, according to a bevy of non-east Asians
No matter the degree, racism hurts, regresses and divides, but it needn’t conquer (New Statesman)

Stop and Search: Drugs and the aggravating factor of being black  (Independent)

Watching 12 Years a Slave in a Blindingly White Capital City (New Statesman)

Theresa May’s immigration bill is a valuable tool for racist landlords (Guardian)

In the storm over Mark Harper, another immigrant to this country has been dehumanised and forgotten (Independent)

Plight of Sri Lanka’s ‘ghost’ workers raises spectre of inequality and abuse (Guardian)

#AllWhiteFrontPages: Challenging the lack of ethnic minority representation in the media (New Statesman)


BBC Derby Interview on the Media Diversified Experts Directory

BBC Derby Interview on the #AllWhiteFrontPages campaign & @WritersofColour

BBC London 94.9 Dontun Adebeyo’s Sunday Show –  Black women – representations in the British media

BBC Focus On Africa ‘Racism on the Runways’ with Kiri Kankhwende

BBC Radio 4, Woman’s Hour: Is feminism racist?

BBC Nottingham ‘#AllWhiteTV Ethnic minorities are less likely to consume TV and radio says Ofcom

#AllWhiteTV Media Diversity UK interview with Lee Pinkerton on BBC Derby Radio

Media Blogs

The New Dr is….. @tokenbg
Since Matt Smith announced his departure as the titular lead in Doctor Who, conversations have spread throughout geekland, speculating on who the next Doctor would be. And throughout these conversations, I kept coming back to the same conclusion; it’s going to be another white, cisgender male, isn’t it?

Idris Elba is Hollywood’s Troublemaker
There are few names as globally recognisable as Nelson Mandela. And likely even fewer whose name generally invokes strong feelings of warmth and goodwill.

Interviewing Media Diversity – AntiCapitalists

An excerpt from an article written by The Guardian’s Joseph Harker in 2008
Race Against The Tide

‘In modern-day Britain, papers retaining a mono-cultural outlook could soon begin to appear outdated and out of touch to their readers and risk missing out on major stories. On July 7, 2005, as London was ravaged by bombings, how many news editors were pleading: “Is there a Muslim in the house?” And as global issues become more and more local, how much of an advantage would it have been recently to be able to call on someone with a Pakistani or a Kenyan family connection?

As newspapers face more and more intense competition, both in print and online, surely they can’t afford to ignore Britain’s growing minority populations. The assumption that things can continue as they always have, with a wealthy, well-connected elite handing down news from above, expecting their underlings to try to imitate them, just doesn’t fit our 21st century profile. Ultimately, what surely we all want is for all sections of society to feel they are properly represented in the range, variety and balance of stories written about them. In other words, expand the overall treatment afforded to white people in the press – as journalists, readers, and those reported – to the whole population. But how many newspaper organisations will genuinely commit themselves to reaching that goal?’

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