Thank you and Goodbye from Media Diversified

Sam Asumadu, Founder of Media Diversified, is sad to announce the closure of Media Diversified and reflects on six years of shaking the establishment media table. I’m just a little bit heartbroken to announce that after six years, Media Diversified is closing. The plan is to keep our archives up in perpetuity. We’ll also keep… Read More

Why don’t presidential candidates support reparations for American descendants of slaves?

As the Democratic candidates for the 2020 Presidential elections make their cases for leadership, LeRon Barton asks why the issue of reparations for Black American descendants of slaves is such a stumbling block for most of the hopefuls At the start of his campaign, Democratic Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders appeared on The View and was… Read More

Pizza Shop Heroes sees asylum seekers and refugees tell their own stories

Phosphoros Theatre’s Pizza Shop Heroes is their latest production to feature refugees and aslyum seekers among the cast. Sabo Kpade meets the players and asks how their own personal stories brings truth to the production The hot topics of immigration and integration reaches new levels of urgency in Pizza Shop Heroes, the third play by… Read More

Windrush, welfare and caring for history

A year after the Windrush scandal broke, Lara Choksey writes that we should be looking at the deportations and violence in the context of decades of state definition of who deserves care As Brexit turns the screw on a national consciousness split over who should fall under its remit of care, history is asking for… Read More

Can President Muhammadu Buhari now triumph over the issues facing Nigeria?

Muhammadu Buhari’s election triumph was one thing, but working to overcome the challenges in Nigeria is now quite another. Orji Sunday discusses the issues the new president must now face. Being Nigeria’s president is a  painful pleasure. After all, most leaderships, if not all are driven principally by the premise of flashy honours and thorny… Read More

Violence towards Africans in India has roots in Anti-Blackness that has existed for centuries

Continuing his series on Anti-Blackness in South Asia, Dhruva Balram discusses violent attacks on Black Africans in India and how the root of the issue is the anti-Blackness in India that has existed for centuries Read the other articles in the series In January of 2016, in Bengaluru, India, a Sudanese national ran his car… Read More

An Open Letter to Oxford University calling for the Sultan of Brunei’s honorary degree to be rescinded

Protests are growing after the Sultan of Brunei introducing the punishment of death by stoning for adultery and gay sex. In an open letter, students from Oxford University are calling for the honorary degree awarded to the Sultan to now be rescinded in light of the inhumane laws. Read the letter below and sign the petition Dear… Read More

The Sadie Collective: Creating a seat at the table for Black women in economics

The economics field has major issue with the representation of women of colour and Black women in particular. George-Ann Ryan reports on the issue and the work of the Sadie Collective and how it takes critical thinking to change the status quo It has been a long time coming, but the economics field is finally… Read More

The death of Nuno Cardoso in police custody proves “respectability” won’t keep Black people safe | THE TWERKING GIRL

The tragic death of Nuno Cardoso in police custody in Oxford once again raises questions as to whose lives matter, even when victims meet society’s standards as to who is deemed “respectable”, writes Ava Vidal When I agreed to write about Nuno Cardoso I wasn’t prepared for how hard it was going to be. This… Read More

The UK’s PREVENT policy would not prevent white supremacist attacks like Christchurch – it’s part of the problem

The UK government’s PREVENT scheme has been discussed at length in the context of how it would prevent a white supremacist terror attack such as those in Christchurch, New Zealand. However, as Dr Tarek Younis writes, the PREVENT policy has a number of serious issues, not least the fact that its success is unproven In… Read More