MD READLING LIST | Reflections of myself in literature: Black, African, Woman and Gay

10 books selected by Christina Fonthes Reflections of me: 10  books that feature positive representations of Black, African, women & LGBTQ characters. These books give me affirmation in world where I am told that I should not exist.   Roll of Thunder, Hear –  My Cry by Mildred by D. Taylor Cassie Logan was the… Read More

MD READING LIST | Solidarity through knowledge

10 books selected by Robert Kazandjian If we are truly serious about expressing solidarity and understanding with people, then we need to know their stories. But knowing their stories is not enough. We need to hear their voices. Augustown by Kei Miller  Augustown is my favourite kind of novel; super specific and at the same… Read More

MD READING LIST | Radical thinkers and speculative futures

10 books selected by Joseph Kay These ten books represent radical thinkers and speculative futures which have had a big influence on me. After all, as the black feminist adrienne maree brown says “all organizing is science fiction.”  The Fifth Season by NK Jemisin  The first installment of the triple Hugo Award-winning Broken Earth trilogy deserves its… Read More

MD READING LIST | What it means to matter

10 books selected by Daniel York Loh From the fall of the dynasty to the end of humanity, across oceans, continents, the entire universe and time itself: why we can’t forget and we never should The Three Body Problem by Lui Cixin Chinese sci-fi is a thing but a well-kept secret thing in the West. This is… Read More