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Daniel Loh York – What it means to matter


Joseph Kay – Radical thinkers and speculative futures
Robert Kazandjian – Solidarity through knowledge

In 2014 we published the e-book “Complicit No More”, a collection of essays curated by Yasmin Gunaratnam. It tackles the crosscutting facets of complicity as they play out within our relationships to our bodies, each other, our communities, to media representations and to mobilisation. It featured essay’s such as   “Toxic Wars” vs. Conscientious Feminism in which Minna Salami’s draws upon cross-cultural activism and dialogue to offer ‘Conscientious Feminism’ as an antidote to ‘toxic feminism’ and an ethical ‘compass that can be used to navigate the labyrinth of oppression’. And stunning photo essay, by arftist Hina Ali of traditional henna designs on hands, backs and legs  exploring skin as a ‘repository of honour & canvass of oppression’.

Next came Fantasy’s Othering Fetish. Fantasy and science fiction allow for limitless creation, innovation, and exploration. Yet what we actually get are Eurocentric worlds that demonize or erase people of colour. Why do authors and readers accept this? Where did it start? And going forward, how do we resist? SFF author and critic Phenderson Djeli Clark takes a look at these issues in Fantasy’s Othering Fetish, It features a foreword by novelist Daniel José Older, and discusses everything from medieval Arthurian romance to Tolkien and Game of Thrones, and provides a overview of contemporary work by global SFF authors of colour. With its sharp, insightful critique and Clark’s deep knowledge of and passion for the genre, Fantasy’s Othering Fetish is a much-needed antidote to the whitewashed worlds of mainstream SFF.

In 2016 we published From the Lines of Dissent, an anthology of select articles, comment pieces and academic analysis originally commissioned for Media Diversified’s online platform, covering politics, literature, sexuality, education, religion, media and much more. The book features a foreword by leading journalist Gary Younge of the Guardian:

“There is a sharp intelligence here and some crisp critiques. But it is the fearlessness to take on the dominant narratives – of race among others – in ways that are both playful and polemic that are the most striking.”

In that spirit we have asked some of our writers and friends of Media Diversified to recommend 10 books, either their favourites or themed lists, e.g philosophy, James Baldwin, Black Activism, Photography, Business.

For ease we have linked to amazon so you can purchase them with one click on the book cover. Happily  we receive a small percentage of the price of the book which we put towards paying our contributors.

We hope you enjoy!