Institutional Islamophobia is far from the only problem with the Conservative Party

An inquiry into Islamophobia only addresses one symptom of a much wider problem. Afroze Fatima Zaidi details the Conservative party’s track record of harming the most marginalised and vulnerable groups in British society with their policies. I should start by acknowledging that Baroness Sayeeda Warsi has achieved much against the odds to get to where… Read More

Affleck v. Harris and the Different Shades of Islamophobia

Millions of Muslims around the world, both in Western nations as well as others, experience Islamophobia every day as a lived reality. A genuine discussion of what really IS Islamophobia is beyond the scope of a standard, blog-length article. Suffice to say that Islamophobia, if understood as structural oppression of Muslims, is a form of racism. WHOAH – comes the response – Muslims are not a race, so how can Islamophobia be racism? This binary, and/or question appears to have left Muslims in a kind of limbo, where they end up excluded by their oppressor (generally the White Western hegemon) whilst simultaneously being separated from their co-oppressed (e.g. Jews or Black people) in their struggle for equality and justice. Read More