‘Time exists only in white’: deconstructing the history of Brazilian nationhood

Danny Dubner introduces a sound essay, Pindorama, named after for the Tupi-Guarani tribe designated to the area we now call Brazil and how a the ‘discovery of a country’ narrative masks the invasion of a thriving culture Read More


Pay your cleaner what you earn, or clean up yourself

If everyone did their share, no one would be forced to do housework as a second shift or as their primary source of income writes Arianne Shahvisi Read More

On being exceptional: the trap of thinking we can do (and be) diversity “differently”

Shana Almeida discusses her research on diversity in Toronto In 2016, BBC Radio 4 officially declared Toronto, Canada to be the most diverse city on earth. According to BBC reporter Ed Davey, Toronto is most diverse because approximately 51% of its population is foreign-born, with over 230 nationalities living there (“WS More or Less: The… Read More