Labour’s local election lies and the sham of democracy

Exasperated socialist Simon Vessey has had enough of Labour’s local election campaign lies and the resulting sham of democracy where entire communities of working class and marginalised people have no chance at true representation via the major parties The truth about Barnet In early April, Labour launched their local election campaign in Barnet at an… Read More

The Tories’ Economic Model Kills the Most Vulnerable

Samantha Asumadu taking cue from an investigation by Tortoise Media urges us on International Workers Memorial Day to remember those who died because of the economic model that brutally oppresses the working class Today is International Workers Memorial Day. Never heard of it? There’s a reason for that. The workers we need to commemorate, who… Read More

The Governments response to the roundly discredited Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities Report Chaired by Dr Tony Sewell has finally been published

Feature image provided by author In part one of a two part series Lee Jasper joins an overwhelming consensus from our communities and wider society including, academics, politicians, think tanks, professional institutions, priests, and pastors alike in commending the widely discredited Sewell Report  The Commission report published this time last year reached the controversial conclusion… Read More

 📢 Black Publishers and White Agents

Last Friday Media Diversified hosted a twitter space called Publishing, Black publishers, book deals and white agents hosted by founder Samantha Asumadu and Marcus Daniel, the editor in chief Please find source material below and the audio above. Enjoy! AGENDA 1. Independent Black publishers 2. The overwhelmingly white publishing industry 3. The Society of Authors/Should… Read More

Is It Even A Protest If Your Oppressor Gave You Permission?

Joshua Idehen makes a welcome return to Media Diversified with his unique take on London life and protest under the eye of the oppressor What’s the point of a protest? If mummy sat back and let you have a tantrum in Westfields, are you really threatening her power? Lemme rephrase: What’s the point of a… Read More

Amidst Russian-Ukraine War, Nigerians try to breathe

Photograph: Robert Ghement/EPA Investigations have shown that even with sourced means to get to a point of refuge, racist behaviours at the Poland/Ukraine border are thwarting Nigerians from escaping Putin’s bombs. Even in war, racism still prevails.  Chidinma Iwu interviews three Nigerian students on their ordeals in Ukraine and how they’ve been finding strength. and… Read More

The War in Ukraine and the Ugly Face of Racism

Header image: AJPlus What Ukrainian Racism is saying about Western Democracy By Dr Ornette D Clennon Lots of people will be thinking, “do you have to bring race into this, at this time of ALL times?” My response to them is, “I wish that I didn’t have to”. Why? Because at a time when a… Read More

Liz Truss supports Britons to go and fight for Ukraine – while removing citizenship of others

Credit: PA In light of Liz Truss, UK Foreign Secretary’s, remarks yesterday that she supports individuals from the UK who want to go and fight for Ukraine and the UK’s recent measures to revoke the citizenship of Britons including those who have fought in conflicts overseas Shahnaz Ahsan explores the distinction between ‘acceptable’ and ‘unacceptable’ conflicts, and… Read More

Who will confront the New Labour threat?

Simon Vessey dissects the Labour Party’s right wing and their cover up of institutional racism and bigotry in the party There is a grim predictability in seeing yet another crisis being exploited by right wing politicians and journalists to attack left wingers for socialist and anti-imperialist stances. Even more frustrating is the anaemic response from… Read More

Trojan Horse: And then they came for me | THE TWERKING GIRL

As the backlash from the Trojan Horse podcast continues, Media Diversified columnist Ava Vidal wonders why some didn’t see the affair coming You must have your head in the sand if you don’t know the story of The Trojan Horse Affair by now. The false plot that Islamists were taking over a school in Birmingham… Read More